The Wisdom of a Child

23 04 2008

I have reached an age where I can recognise a younger generation seperate from mine. If I am careful with my words and action, I might be able to impart some of my knowledge and wisdom to this generation of young people. But 16 years ago a 12 year old child turned the tables on a group of folks much older than her. Severn Cullis-Suzuki from the United States funded her own journey to attend the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro to talk to representatives of countries from around the world about saving the environment. Here was a child of a dozen years that managed to impart her wisdom onto a group of people fully a generation older than hers. She had captured the undivided attention of these law makers with her impassioned plea to save the earth for her generation…. a generation of people who are younger than mine. 


Incidentally, did you realise that there are only two, just 2 places in this world where there is a Rain Forest? South America is still home to the world’s largest rain forest, The Amazon and the island of Borneo has the only other one which is also the oldest. These forests are one of the few “carbon banks” this planet is left with and we are letting them being destroyed by greedy businesses.


Here is what Wikipedia has to say about her:

Severn Cullis-Suzuki (born 1979) is an environmental activist, speaker, television host and author. Born to writer Tara Elizabeth Cullis and Canadian geneticist and environmental activist David Suzuki, Cullis-Suzuki received a B.Sc. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Yale University in 2002. She has spoken around the world about environmental issues, urging listeners to define their values, act with the future in mind, and take individual responsibility.


In 1992, at the age of 12, Cullis-Suzuki raised money with members of ECO, the Environmental Childrens Organization (a group she founded) to attend the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro. Along with group members Michelle Quigg, Vanessa Suttie, and Morgan Geisler, Severn presented environmental issues from a youth perspective at the Summit, where she received a standing ovation for a speech to the delegates. The group also addressed delegates at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).

Here is a child who could tell us, “If you do not know how to fix it…don’t go around breaking it”. The wisdom of her words from 16 years ago still ring true. But in the years since then we have gone on to break so much more of this planet we call home. Our environment is fast approaching the point of no return. I have no answers to all our problems. I only hope I can be part of the solution if only to spread the message thru my own words.




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