Static State

25 04 2008

One day after I blogged about copper theft, some jokers decided that they needed some steel bolts and stole some from a 132kV power transmission tower (or “Pylons” as we Malaysians call them). This brought one of the towers down resulting in a loss of electrical power to 90% of the areas in Sabah. Imagine nearly a whole State brought to a standstill by a single act of theft!

This picture below (taken from the Star website) Shows the downed tower.

The next picture shows a similiar tower in all it’s majesty. For your information the electrical transmission lines that these towers support are NOT insulated. Insulated cables would be too heavy to support . These lines are insulated from the towers by by ceramic insulators similiar to the one in the picture below.

If you looked the the picture of the tower above, you can see a bigger version of these insulators hanging down from the arms of these pylons to which are attached the high tension cables. Typical Phase voltages in Malaysia is 132kV! If you ever see one of these cables lying on the ground, do not even approach it. An electrical cable may “snake” as it is repelled from a nearby object by it’s electrical arc.

Ok, back to the theft. As in my previous blog, the theft of metal such as copper and steel is reaching preposterous levels. These thieves should be charged with more than just theft. Although hospitals have back up generators, without a further back up, surgeons will have no choice but to postpone major surgeries. patients are inconvenienced and most smaller clinics have to close. For this reason alone, the charges brought against these thieves should be nothing less then the endangerment to the public.




One response

1 05 2008

not only copper is expensive now. Lead,tin,iron and aluminium oso have gone up.
The price of car batteries has gone up almost double. Even old batteries are fetching at least 20 to 30 ringgits. Empty soft drink cans can fetch around 5 sens. Besi buruk shops are having a field day.

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