Crosswind Testing with a 747

28 04 2008

Very tempting but guys don’t attempt this at work. hahaha! I have actually seen the aftermath of “Vehicle meets Jetblast” soon after I joined Malaysia Airlines. It WAS a company van. Notice I used the word was. The driver had attempted to drive past a 737-200 carrying out an engine ground run (EGR). If I remember well, the van overturned a few times before coming to a stop on it’s side. One of the occupants broke his wrist. The van, well, have a look at this video and you can picture what it would have looked like.

Remember this the next time you drive past a high crosswind area of a highway or find yourself (inadvertantly I hope) driving behind a large aircraft about to take off! hahaha! Honestly speaking, in my rush to attend to an aircraft, I have on a few occasions narrowly missed running into an aircraft or it’s tow tug! Not funny but it could happen.




One response

28 04 2008

on the mas incident: normally drivers don’t wear seat belts so I guess it could have been worse.

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