Subang Ria Community Park

4 05 2008

On the way to pick up a friend for dinner yesterday I realised I was quite early and had some time to kill. So I made a detour to a place I have not been to in a long time. Subang Ria Park is located at the entrance of Subang Jaya and contains 2 lakes. I would not blame anyone for missing this rather huge but hidden park. It’s entrance is hidden away and not marked properly anymore. Actually, having lived in Subang Jaya for over 8 years in the 90’s I have never come across any road signs that directed you to this park. Below is a sign found at the entrance of the park and there is another like it next to the main road but you can easily miss it. As you can see there is a sea food restaurant somewhere in this park. It once was home to a crocodile farm too but I think it is now long gone.

I found the park in a very poor state of upkeep but there were still many people who made good use of the park. The park once housed a go kart track and still has a paint ball park. To my surprise there is still a sign at the entrance proclaiming it to be the largest recreation and paint ball park in Malaysia! I wonder if this is still true. Anyway the paint ball park is looks very dilapidated. The is also a par course situated along the jogging path around the lake but I would later find out the stations were all missing their instructions.

With still some daylight left, i decided to take a walk around the lake. The lake is quite big, probably larger than the lake in Taman Jaya. situated at one end of the lake were a few barbeque pits minus the grill top but I promised myself I would try to hold a barbeque here one day. Further on down the path and just opposite the IBM building I came upon a surprise. Here was a open air auditorium. It is in a sorry state but nothing that could not be fixed with hard work and some imagination. A few more trees should be planted to isolate the theater from the noise of the now busy road behind it. The designers of this park years ago had put a lot of thought into the design of this park.

Now here is a place where Subang Jaya folks can come to relax, exercise and have a meal. The open air theater could be used to hold cultural shows, small events or even talks on local community and environmental issues. If only the place was properly maintained, The people of this municipality should take the local council, MPSJ to task for not doing its job these last few years. This green lung should not be left to deteriorate further. If I am not mistaken there was even a develop this entire area for commercial use. Another land grab by greedy developers who have run out of valuable land.

There a a few other community parks such as these in the older parts of Petaling Jaya and in the same sort of state. The only way to save these places is to ensure they are maintained (not developed) and promote their use in a wholesome and responsible manner. This way the people will learn to value and treasure such parks. Here are some more pictures I took in the park.

Road to restaurant




3 responses

5 05 2008

love the sunset picture with the sailboat. never knew this park existed haha

6 05 2008

It was a remote controlled toy sailboat. Did you notice the fishing rod floating in the foreground? I plan to do a barbeque here one day. Would you and the rest of the boys care to join in? I think it will be great.

7 09 2011

Came upon this when searching for public parks in Subang Jaya.
After reading your post, I am fearful of coming to this park for fear of getting robbed or raped! MPSJ had better do something about this park!

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