Bird Strike!

7 05 2008

But what a strange one. A friend of mine who works at the Chep Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong sent me these pictures. I have seen many a bird (or what’s left of them) in the aircraft engines but this is the first time I have seen a large bird caught in the slats of an aircraft. What are the chances of this happening?

NIce catchNice Catch 2Nice Catch 3

From the long neck it looks like a vulture. I have seen some from afar while hiking in the hills around Hong Kong. By the looks of the blood splatter, it must have hit the wing to body fairing and then got stuck in the extended slats.




One response

15 05 2008

Incidents like these are actually very common. However, there are products that have been researched and used at several airports throughout the world to deter this from happening. For more information you can visit

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