Mercy Malaysia

10 05 2008

Late one afternoon a few days ago friend of mine called me up and asked if I could lend a hand moving some supplies. My friend, Radzi had recently joined Mercy Malaysia and I knew he would only call for help if he was really short handed. Although I had planned to help a group of people light up a certain part of the city that night, I could not refuse to help him. This consignment of supplies were destined for Myanmar to help the victim of typhoon Nargis. It is now estimated that the death toll in Myanmar could surpass 100,000.

Waiting at the gates

I showed up at the gates of the warehouse at around 5 p.m and had a drink while I waited for his team to arrive. He was delayed due to administration matters. He arrived at about 6.15 p.m. The warehouse is part of Petronas’ NGV distribution and storage facility and Petronas has allowed Mercy the use of the warehouse until 2025 when the lease on the land ends. Arrangements had been made for the security personnel toreceive us at the gates but he went missing. Attempts to call him failed. We even went as far as to throw small stones at the guardpost but to no avail. He finally decides to turn up from somewhere in the complex at about 7.15 p.m! he was probably sleeping somewhere in the complex. An example how one lazy person can hold up a whole operation.

The warehouse was in total darkness when we opened it up. I went around to look for the main switch while logistics officer from Mercy, En. Norzi aimed the lights of his 4wd into the docking bay. I finally found a huge bank of switches which were in themselves an interesting piece of work. I would love to come back here one day to take a better picture of these switches. But we were already late.Switch Board

After about 10 minutes of looking with the light my mobile phone torch I got the board figured out and found the switch. Thanks to En. Norzi, all the supplies were packed and almost ready to be shipped out. He had singlehandedly sorted and packed nearly 400 kilograms of antibiotics, water purification tablets and other supplies! Part of the reason Radzi was late was because En. Norzi had to stop for a light meal since he did not take breakfast nor lunch that day. Hats off to you En. Norzi. Before moving them to the waiting lorry we had to mark them to deter theft and pilferage.

No Commercial Value

The boxes were marked in English and the Myanmar Language (some still call it Burmese). You’ll notice that it says “No Commercial Value” prominently on the box. We managed to get the boxes all marked and loaded within 45 minutes by 9.15 p.m were on our way to KLIA Cargo Complex.

Cargo Complex Entranceunloading beginscore1

Upon reaching the complex entrance we found out that the lorry was still about 15 minutes away. More waiting, but being the logistics officer worth his salt, En. Norzi walked us up to the security office to apply for our security passes. When the lorry arrived we were told to proceed to Core 1 building. You can see the building on the right. Once there the unloading began. You can just see the picture of a camera shy Norzi on the extreme left while my friend Radzi is facing the camera. The is not a shy bone in that man! After the unloading was completed a forklift was employed to place the pallet on a weighing machine to be weighed. MAS KARGO had allowed us 500kgs of free cargo, otherwise we would have to pay for each kilogram. And that night our total cargo weighed in at 384 kilograms. We still had to declare the goods and get them insured. The whole operation ended at 12.30 a.m when I drove the 4wd back to my car which was parked at the warehouse.

To those who wish read this and wish to help out, Mercy will be sending about two and a half tons of supplies including body bags, tents, water containers and medicine next week. Remember these people really do need all the help they can get. And to people like En. Radzi and Norzi, carry on the good work!




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