13 05 2008

Crime Scene Investigation. A friend of mine had left a dead cat to rot in his attic for such a long time that all that was left of it months later was….bones and hair. I know Sloth is one of the deadly sins but this should be a crime. The charge should read something like “concealing a carcass”, “frying a feline”, “putrefying a pet” or something of the sort. Last Saturday I finally offered to go up into his attic and look for what was sure to be a long deceased rat or cat. Once up in the attic I noticed a brown patch in one corner. It was so far out , that I had secretly hoped that it would not be what I was looking for but alas it was. Confirmed by the “suspect” who actually lives in that house and left the poor thing to decay. “Yup that must be it, look that must be the tail bone”.

Resting in pieces

If it wasn’t for the awful smell, I would have sat there longer appreciating how clean the maggots picked off every piece of flesh on this poor cat. The maggots have long gone. The black things you see around the body are the cocoon shells left by the maggots as the complete their metamorphosis to become a fly.

Here is a closer look. It was a pretty big cat. Trust me.




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