Too sexy for school?

25 05 2008

About a week ago Munirah Bahari who is Vice President of the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia had this to say about school uniforms, “The white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction,”. She goes on further to say that, “It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it,” and is calling for a review of uniform policy so that it did not violate Islamic ideals. One question Mrs. Munirah, how can one be drawn to something they cannot see? I am assuming you are married. So I also ask this question, “Was your husband attracted to you BEFORE he ever saw you?”

Do you know what is the largest sexual organ we humans possess? No, No, you men do not have to compare anymore…..the size of the brain is about the same for almost everyone. Yes, our imagination hidden away is one of the most powerful arousal tool there is to mankind. If there was a club where everybody had to be nude, I would bet that not many male members of this club would be walking around with a handkerchief hanger. Not for very long anyway. You see, when there is nothing left for the imagination, the largest sexual organ, our brain, is not aroused. In simple terms, we men get bored out of our minds. So with that in mind (pun intended) I would like to propose our Malaysian schools adopt the following and readily available school uniforms. . .
No I am not joking, the one on the right is what the Japanese school girls wear in the winter! Just look at the following picture.

Now I admit the high cut snow boots and socks do cover up too much and our neurons would fire up like a V8 engine on nitro, but don’t fret Mrs. Munirah, there is no need for our girls to wear snow boots. Andthe uniform review can mandate only ankle length socks to be worn with the current low cut shoes. These uniforms are already available in bulk from Japan and on the internet. Mrs. Munirah, you could order one online and try it our for your husband to see if he approves.

To Mrs. Munirah and everyone else interested in the future of our next generation, there are many more problems plaguing our public school system that lack attention. Student discipline is at an all time low, while juvenile cigarette and drug addiction is at a high, teaching standards are deteriorating and command of the English language is almost non existent . . . amongst teachers! Get the children interested in their studies, challenge them to think out of the box, get them active in sports and involved in community work and I am sure they will have little time left for “other” pursuits. . . at least until their hormones kick in. And no decent dress code in the world is going to keep that at bay.




One response

5 12 2008

hahaha… maybe she watched too many japanese porns.. u know, japanese always make the actresses wear uniforms!! =P

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