RMAF MIG 29 @ Subang Airport

29 05 2008

Work stopped at Subang Airport when a pair of Royal Malaysian Air Force Sukhoi 30MKM MiG 29 (Fulcrum) visited us for a round of aerobatics over Subang Airport. I managed to capture some still pictures and a decent video with my camera.

Ok, maybe the still pictures were not so decent but the aircraft is recognizable. Hey, I only had my pocket camera with me. I am hoping they will pay us another visit today. It would be a nice break from the normal routine.

In case you’re wondering why they are practicing, I am guessing it is in preparation for the upcoming King’s Birthday celebrations. Time to charge the camera batteries and get some sleep.


This article originally carried the title RMAF Sukhoi…. but some one commented on my youtube account that it looks more like a Fulcrum. After careful examination of my pictures I now stand corrected. By the way I have always thought “Fulcrum” is an apt name for a bird of war. It has one of the highest rate of turn (23.5 degrees/second) of any fighter jets. And at 252 metres/second, it is also one of the highest rate of climb of any fighter jets. This means it could make a U-turn in 8 seconds and reach an altitude of 48,000 feet in just 1 minute!

The Mig’s were at it again today but I was too busy to photograph them.




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