Changing Tyres – a safety tip from Michelin

31 05 2008

Most of us own and operate a car but how many of us actually know the proper way of maintaining this piece of machinery so you may operate it safely? Something as simple as improper inflation of tyres alone can cause a vehicle to become inherently more dangerous to drive. The right choice of tyres is more so important. Since most cars nowadays are front wheel driven, the front pair of tyres will exhibit encounter heavier wear in its life. So it is understandable that most of us will choose to change only a pair of tyres at a time. This is of course most economical practice. But how many of us know where to fit the new tyres we have just purchased? Ask yourself this question. I am betting most of us would have them installed on the front of the car. A good friend of mine does just this, change a pair of tyres at a time and mounts these new tyres on his front wheels. But unlike most drivers, he does have sound reasoning for doing so. However, a tyre company has produced a video discouraging this practice.

Michelin a French company famous for its tyres have produced a video educating thier customers on where to mount new tyres should they choose to change only a pair.




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