Great Oil Rush of 08′

5 06 2008

This picture taken close to the hour of midnight on the 4th of June 2008. No, there was no flood nor was it a normal traffic jam. Believe it or not this is the waiting line for fuel! Some of these cars were lining up to get into this petrol station.

And as a result of this, many other cars were caught in a traffic jam. All over Malaysia the same scene is being repeated, for tonight at midnight fuel prices in Malaysia will see its largest hike, 72 Sen for petrol and $1 Ringgit Malaysia for diesel! Never before in history has fuel prices in Malaysia seen such a drastic increase. Welcome to the real world folks! Crude oil prices are now at an all time high of USD 135 per barrel, and it is only expected to increase in the future. The irony of it all is that after waiting for hours and finally getting to fill up their fuel tanks, they get caught in a traffic jam at the next station on the way home and burn up some of that fuel. Was it really worth it? To some it was. To me it would have been more prudent to stay home and come up with a plan to save fuel. If you saved  half a litre of fuel a day by changing your driving habits, that would be much better than spending a few hours waiting for fuel. Car pooling with one other person would save you about half your monthly fuel cost.

Here is the scene at another petrol station. That car at the bottom left corner of the picture is a BMW 735 which has an 85 litre fuel tank. At the new prices it will cost about $230 to fill up the tank. The driver wound down his window to ask me if I was working for a newspaper. The line actually continued behind me but it did not cause a traffic jam because the station was situated in a quieter part of town.

Some stations actually ran out of fuel very early in the evening and shut down for the night. At about 15 minutes to midnight I decided i had taken enough photos. As I was riding my bicycle home I could still see cars joining the queue for the Great Oil Rush of 08′. I guess there will be a few more bicycles sold this month. It’s a pity that Kuala Lumpur and it’s suburbs are not bicycle friendly. But that will be another story. Goodnight folks. It’s already past midnight.




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