Bike Shopping

16 06 2008

For the most part of this afternoon my young friend and I went around looking for a 2nd hand motorbike. With the recent increase in fuel prices he decided that he would be better off using a motorbike to work. It would seem that a lot of people had had the same idea and much earlier too. The night before he and I had sat in his living room calling several people who had advertised to sell their machines on a bike trading magazine called Motortrader. Guess what? We had between us called 17 people who had advertisements in that magazine, all of them had sold their bikes! And only 1 admitted he had sold it for only RM100 less than his asking price. I guess the motorbike lanes I use on the way to work everyday will soon be filled with more of these machines.

So after spending a few hours looking for a bike and talking to my mechanic, my friend decided he would have a better look at a bike he had found the day before. The both of us tested the bike and found it surprisingly well kept although some wear and tear parts were, well worn and torn. The front tires and rear sprockets were definitely in need of replacement. We had tried to get the bike shop owner to throw these in as part of the sale but he would not have it. It was basically an “as is where is” deal. All he offered was an engine oil change and a very cheap helmet.

As he was on a limited budget, my friend chose to insure his “new” machine on a Third Party insurance plan. I must admit the cost of a comprehensive insurance plan was a bit prohibitive. It would have cost him 10% of the value of the bike! I guess it all has to do with the high incidence of bike theft in this country.

After completing some paperwork needed for the change of ownership, my friend came out to choose his el cheapo free helmet, which I hope (if he read this) will choose to upgrade first. That is the one thing lacking among motorbike riders in Malaysia. They would choose machines that would give them the best of what they are looking for, be it economy, power, looks or fun factor but few would choose to spend good money for a good crash helmet !

So after the engine oil and filter replacement and some basic maintenance, my friend was able to take home his new machine. And for slightly under RM2000, it was a bargain. In the last 2 days we had come across 11 year old motorbikes with an asking price of RM2600! That’s just about RM1500 down from it’s original purchase price. So it seems that the recent fuel price hikes has also affected the resale value of sub 150 c.c motorbikes. If you’re thinking of looking for one, you had better do it soon.




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