Sunday Car Mart & the Magic Magnets

22 06 2008

Being a lovely Sunday morning I decided to ride my bicycle to my favourite restaurant for an Indian style breakfast. After breakfast I rode past one of the largest Sunday Car Market in Malaysia. it is situated in Petaling Jaya New Town. It was started years ago by a man who rented the covered parking lot in New Town every Sunday and charged people who wanted to display their cars. If I remember well, I paid RM30 to display my Mazda 323 for 3 consecutive Sundays. The idea was to eliminate the middle men of 2nd hand car dealers who often buy cars at well below market prices before selling them on for a few thousand ringgit more. But that is no longer true, at least not inside the original site of the Sunday Car Mart.

The top 2 pictures show just 2 rows of vehicles for sale in the covered parking lot. Notice that these 3 cars had similiar for sale signs? That’s because these vehicles are being sold by the same 2nd hand car dealer. In fact most of the cars on display within the 3 floors of this parking lot belonged to such dealers. I only saw a few genuine vehicle owners who were selling their cars personally.

But popularity of the Sunday Car Mart had long ago overgrown the capacity of the covered parking lot. People have taken to displaying their vehicles for sale for free in the parking lots and along the streets surrounding this building. Even these open air parking lots cannot cope with the demand for space and often cars for sale are seen double parked withing the parking lot and along the streets of New Town. The atmosphere here is much more merrier with a higher percentage of car owners involved in selling their own vehicles. I saw this 1983 Mercedes Benz 200 for sale. It didn’t look bad for a car it’s age

The Sunday Car Mart also attracts many people who set up stalls which sell auto related products such as car care products, car alarm systems and even auto insurance. Cycling along at a slow pace I came across these 2 men selling an interesting product. I have heard of it before and have even had a relative purchase it for his vehicle but i have never approached someone selling the product. Their product claims to reduce fuel consumption of a vehicle by 35% whilst boosting power by up to 25%! And what is the product? Well, for RM199 you will buy yourself a set of very powerful magnets that you assemble around your fuel line closest to the point where it enters your carburettor or engine. These 2 guys claim Malaysian fuel is dirty because it contains a high proportion of carbon! Actually by virtue of being a hydrocarbon, petrol contains 85-88% carbon and 12-15% hydrogen. “Dirty” fuels are caused by impurities such as suplhur. Anyway, they go on to explain that their product works by “magnetising” the carbon molecules in the fuel causing it to disperse much more evenly in the combustion chamber. You can visit their website here for a closer look at their product.

The claims of extraordinary fuel savings coupled with the recent fuel price increase has resulted in a lot of interest in this product. But I have serious doubts as to their claims. Firstly, although petrol might have electromagnetic properties much like water it would take much more then the power of a magnet to have an effect on the individual molecules. It takes the power in a microwave oven to have any effect on water molecules! And I don’t think anybody is going to start microwaving fuel as they sell it to you. “Would you like your fuel microwaved sir? With the economy you’ll get, you’ll see us less and less.” Yeah right, that big bright flash of light is probably the last thing you’ll ever see. Secondly, if all it takes is to attach a few magnets to the fuel line to get a 35% increase in fuel efficiency why haven’t any car manufacturers installed them in their cars? After all, fuel efficiency is a big selling point these days. So think carefully and do some research before you invest in any device, especially those with incredulous claims of performance.




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3 11 2012
Rizal Latip

lokasi tepat nya dimana ya.>?

9 06 2013

Pasar Kereta terpakai diadakan di Petaling Jaya New Town tiap tiap hari Ahad, mengelilingi Menara MBPJ

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