Chong Wei is into the Finals!

16 08 2008

Yeah, this is it Chong Wei! Malaysian Shuttler Lee Chong Wei played a great game of badminton especially in the third set against Korean Lee Hyun-Il to put him into the Men’s badminton Finals tomorrow. He will be facing world No.1 Shuttler Lin Dan.

Whatever the outcome in tomorrow’s clash of the titans, Chong Wei will walk away with at least a Silver medal and RM300,000 from the Malaysian Government. Should he win the elusive Gold medal, he will be rewarded with an unprecedented RM 1,000,000 plus a lifetime pension of RM$5000/month!

I found this in the online version of the News Straits Times dated 26 of June 2008.

“For country or money?
addthis_pub = ‘nstonline’;KUALA LUMPUR: Would they be doing it for the country or for the money? Does the country need a “gold Olympian”? What are the chances of winning the gold medal?

These were among questions raised by NST Online readers on Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s announcement of the RM1 million incentive to any of the 34 Malaysian athletes who brings home a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in August.

Silver medalists will earn RM300,000 each while bronze medalists will get RM100,000 each.

The Cabinet Committee for Sports also decided that team sports that win gold medals at the Olympics will see each player receiving RM150,000.

On-line readers also questioned the monthly pension for Olympic medallists, which has been increased, effective next month.

Gold medalists will receive RM5,000 a month (from RM3,000 currently) silver medallists RM3,000 (from RM1,500) and bronze medallists RM2,000 (from RM1,000).”

For the online comments by the New Straits Times readers you can click on the follwing link.

Forget about the Millon ringgit, to be awarded an RM5000 pension for the rest of your life at 26 years of age, Lee Chong Wei stand to get about RM 3.6 million by the time he is 55 . . .an age when most people actually START being paid a pension! Cool huh?

His coach Misbun Sidek must be having mixed emotions, joyous that his protege is in the finals and a little sad to think what might have been for him all those years ago. A great player in his own time, his famous Sidek Serve was banned by the World Badminton Association. The Sidek S serve or simply called the Sidek Serve was invented by Misbun in the late 70’s. I guess a lot of people now would not know about it and a lot of people have forgotten. So here is a video of the famous Sidek serve.

Like most Malaysians, if Chong Wei was to win the gold medal tomorrow, I would be very proud of him but to me Misbun Sidek would still be the greatest Malaysian Shuttler there ever was because of his passion for the game.

However, this posting is about Chong Wei, the current world number 2 and a Malaysian. So it is him I will be cheering for when I sit down in front of my television tomorrow. I wish him all the best in his quest for the Olympic Gold.




3 responses

17 08 2008

didnt know about the pension thingy..
so high lah the pension..

17 08 2008

Yup it’s true, any Olympic Gold medalist will also receive a pension of RM5000 from the government. Look at the updated version of my posting. You don’t think he deserves it? On another topic, do you wanna run down to Putrajaya on the 20th of August to photograph the Fireworks Display by the Canadian team. Tzy Wen, you’re included in the invite too.

17 08 2008

Go Chong Wei, Go … !! Bring glory back to MSia. Hope to hear Negaraku in Beijing tonight. Wow …

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