A Challenge to Excel

17 08 2008

I would normally write about topics that make me happy AND of interest to me. Some writers have to cater to an audience and write to make them happy and keep them interested. But sometimes I find myself compelled, no . . . . almost forced to write about things that irk me. So pardon me then if this article seems a little raw, just like the patch of skin that was scratched to satisfaction, I was only trying to rid myself of a nasty itch that doesn’t seem to go away. Here we go.

I am a car fanatic even though I do not own expensive and exotic cars. And my all time favourite sports car is the Porsche 911. It’s a car that just exudes excellence even with the gear lever in neutral. Some people are like that, they exhibit confidence and control just by doing nothing at all. But they did not excel by doing nothing, these people raised to the top when the were tested, they did not lose control when faced with with an impossible situation and many found the courage and wisdom to place themselves in a challenging environment. This is how Porsche got to the top of the heap. I was reading the motoring pages in the New Sunday Times when I came across an article about Porsche. Here is an excerpt from one of the article’s.

The sports car market has grown and become competitive over the years, but Michael (Michael Baumann is the General manager at Porsche) does not see this as a threat to Porsche’s position as a leading sports car manufacturer. Instead, he sees this as a good challenge for Porsche to reaffirm it’s position.

“Porsche is happy to have good competition from rival sportscar companies as it is healthy competition that will keep the engineers busy and on the edge to produce even better cars” he said.

In other words Porsche has told it’s rivals,”Come on lets see what you’ve got!”. The human being thrives on challenges. In fact, if you go by the Darwinian Theory of natural selection, winning the challenge for survival is why we the human race are still around.

Khalid Ibrahim

Khalid Ibrahim

But last week when the Menteri Besar of Selangor Khalid Ibrahim proposed that University Institute Technology Mara (UITM) open or set aside 10% of it’s intake for non Malays as a means of exposing them to challenges, it created an uproar within the student population.

They were shouting into megaphones, carrying banners of protest to the proposal that any other race be let into their campus and possibly show them how inadequate they are in their pursuit of education. They were basically shouting and demanding for continued isolation from other Malaysians. In a world full of challenges, these group of students were running away from it. Are they afraid of finding out that they are not better then anyone else? If these are the so called “Tuan Melayu” or “Superior Malay” then what are they afraid of? God help them if they met a superior non Malay, how would they fare? Ohh I forgot myself for a while there, that would never happen. There will never be a time when these students actually have to compete with anyone from another race. Not as long as they continue living in Malaysia and learn to shout into megaphones for their “Malay Rights”.

In the mean time I pursue my dream of owning a Porsche and living up to their ideals. And I hope I can impart some of that to those who pass my way.




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18 08 2008

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