A Silver for Chong Wei

17 08 2008
Lin dan & Chong Wei

Lin Dan & Chong Wei

It says it all doesn’t it? Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan in the Olympic men’s badminton finals tonight. The final score was 21-12, 21-8. Lin Dan played a superb game of badminton and to be fair to Lin Dan, I have to say that he outclassed the world number 2 player, our Lee Chong Wei. With this Lee Chong Wei will earn the Olympic Silver medal for badminton, in itself a great achievement.

Congratulations Chong Wei! Just remember, “There can never be an achievement without a challenge”. And most times the challenge is manifested in our opponents, but in ourselves. How many of us take up the challenge to push ourselves to the limit? How many of us shy away from even the merest hint of a challenge? To those disappointed with Chong Wei’s performance tonight, I say this, he took up the challenge, pushed himself to the limit, and for that he is ranked No.2 in the world. And he is MALAYSIAN.




One response

18 08 2008

Lin Dan was damn strong on that day. no doubt.

but I really like you quote :
“There can never be an achievement without a challenge”…
really motivates me now…

eh. bump ur iso higher lah. iso 200. underexposed leh…haha

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