Usain “Lightning” Bolt

17 08 2008

They call him the Lightning Bolt, Usain Bolt broke his own world record to run the fastest 100 metre dash in 9.69 seconds! And he did it such ease that he was seen to drop his arms and reduce his pace inthe last 20 metres of the race! If you missed it, here was the run he made,

If you are not yet in awe of his achievement, try imagining this. . .10 metres is the equivalent of 32 feet which is about the with of 2 terrace houses, which he covered in about 1 second. I don’t know about you, but I am truly amazed.

What is more amazing even to his contemporaries is that Usain Bolt’s speciality is not the 100 metres but the 200. In fact he will be running the 200 metre dash in a few days time and I am quite sure he will win the Gold in that event too. Usain Bolt only started running in the 100 metre distance last year and after 5 attempts as a professional he broke . . . and help the world record! Bolt has not only smashed records but he has also smashed the perception of what a 100 metre runner should be. Most 100 metre runners are not tall but heavily built whereas Bolt is tall and almost thin compared to the rest of the field. Let’s hope he will not disappoint the world by failing the drugs test like Ben Johnson and more recently, 2004 Olympic Gold medallist Justin Gatlin.




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