Fireworks Finale

1 09 2008

The weather was much better this time around. Last weekend, Team Spain’s fireworks display was badly affected by the wind and rain. Between Radzi, Tzy Wen and I, I believe we came out with about 10 good shots of Team Spain’s display. Tzy Wen was so disappointed with his pictures that he postponed his “balik kampong” trip so that he can make this trip to photograph the finale. And so we found ourselves back in Putrajaya again last friday but this time we had set up our cameras much closer to the fireworks. This time it was only Tzy Wen, Yong Hua and myself . . . plus about half a million other people!

Where we set up

Where we set up

With some planning and sheer luck I found out later (from the Google Earth ruler function) that we had set up our cameras at a distance of 750 metres from the fireworks display, about the same distance as the people in the Putrajaya International Convention Centre would be from it.

Yong Hua, “My thoedolite says we are 800 metres from the fireworks site, we need to get closer!” Tzy Wen, “Theodolite? I thought we were here to take pictures?”.

Tzy Wen,”Something’s gone wrong, they just blew up the bridge!!” Yong Hua, “Hmm, did I just step on some sort of trigger?”?” The Mystic,”Note to self . . . try to mix with people my age coz these kids are very strange”.

Don’t worry folks, they did not really set off anything. But the overexposed picture on the right does look kinda awesome doesn’t it?

Then the fireworks finale started. I’ll post just these few picture for tonight.

2nd best picture.

2nd best picture.

Best picture of the night

Best picture of the night

The last picture above was unedited so you can see all the smoke that accompanies a large scale fireworks display. That night a moderate breeze helped clear the display area of smoke but left the display itself unaffected. I had a great time especially in the company of good friends. I shall plan to be here again next year for MIFC 3 and try to get pictures from the Putrajaya International Convention Centre. Hopefully by that time I shall have a remote release cable.

Thanks to Yong Hua and Tzy Wen for your great company that night. I also learned how helpless a person becomes when relying too much on technology and that that technology decides to fail. We got ourrselves a little lost navigating out of Putrajaya using a GPS that Tzy Wen brought along all becasue we could not get a signal from the satelites above. How about a trip to Putrajaya just to take in the bight views and get aquainted with the roads there guys?




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1 09 2008

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