Last day on the Job

2 09 2008

These pictures tell it all, it would seem that some of these guys went down fighting hahaha!

Hello? Boss . . .

Hello? Boss . . .

I thought she could jump it

I thought she could jump it

Wonder how she knew?

Wonder how she knew?

Next exit 100 miles!

Next exit 100 miles!

Not so Safe anymore

Not so Safe anymore

Just testing it Boss!

The last one takes first prize. It really took some effort doing that! And now what do they do . . . wait for the grass to grow? Hahaha!

I actually saw one of these incidences. Guess which?




3 responses

3 09 2008

wah, you saw one of those?

my guess would be the Saudi Air….

8 09 2008

I’m guessing Saudi Air also. But that was caused by someone forgetting to activate the nose gear steering system right?

8 09 2008

Yes you’re both right. I did not see it happen but i saw the aircraft both when it was in the ditch and after it was towed back. I missed seeing it cut up into pieces. These are several stories as to how it happened. Some attributed it to the Saudi engineer only having started 2 engines and not selecting the steering system to alternate and some stories attribute it to the steering bypass pin still being installed!

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