Fuel Enhancer Test update part 2

8 09 2008

If you were following my blog since August, you would know that I had bought 10 bottles of fuel enhancer which was highly recommended by a friend of mine. If you joined the story a little late you can still read my article here. After some research on the net and ehmmm with the help of a few of my readers, I found out that most of these so called enhancers did nothing to enhance the performance of the fuel nor the engine of your car. So with that I set out to test the fuel enhancer for myself. On my first update (this being my second) I had clock about 900 kilometres with the following results.

271 kilometres / 29 litres of fuel = 9.3 kilometres/litre

360 kilometres / 42 litres of fuel = 8.6 kilometres/litre

327 kilometres / 39 litres of fuel = 8.4 kilometres/litre

Over the last few weeks I had used up three more tanks of fuel without the use of the fuel enhancer with these results.

339 kilometres / 39.6 litres of fuel = 8.6 kilometres/litre

282 kilometres / 34.5 litres of fuel = 8.2 kilometres/litre

308 kilometres / 38.0 litres of fuel = 8.1 kilometres/litre

So in the last month and a half I have covered 1887 kilometres using 222.1 litres of fuel. This gives my car an overall fuel economy of 8.5 kilometres/litre. In that period I have never attempted to hypermile my car in an attempt to show a better fuel economy. With this result in hand I am now ready to start using the Fuel Enhancer and find out for myself if this product really works as promised. Here I have to register my feelings which tell me I am about to be disappointed with the results. Swing by in a few weeks when I hope to post some initial results of the test.




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8 09 2008

By the way, you interested to come down to Sarawak for the Bako National Park? It would be a great experience for photo-shooting and sight-seeing. How about this coming year end?

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