Nok Nok . . . who is it?

8 09 2008

I am sure you must have had your share fo “knock knock” jokes. I know I have. if you have not heard of any, they often go like this,

“Knock Knock!!”

“Who is it?”


“Justin who?”

“Justin time for dinner” hahahaha!

Well, The company I am working for currently has it’s hands full of Nok’s knocking at it’s door! Well, early today morning I decided to try a little bird photography. See if you can recognize these birds. hehehe!

Nok Nok Nok

Nok Nok Nok

Nok Air is or was a low cost airline based in Thailand much like Air Asia. However due to the recent world oil crisis these birds were Nok’ed out of the sky hehehe! Ok bad joke, but so are all “knock knock” jokes. hahaha! Nok Air went into bancrupcy recently and all it’s leased aircraft ended up here. These are but 3 of the many aircraft parked around this maintenance complex.

Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird

Blue Bird

Blue Bird

Blind & Powerless Nok

Blind & flighless Nok

“Nok” in the Thai language means “Bird” and as you can see these aircraft feature the beak of a bird prominently on radome and vertical stabilzers. But these birds surely seem very very grounded at the moment. I have seen a green Nok around but this morning it was missing from the area. Could it have escaped and flown away? hahaha! Later in the evening I saw the green one back on the tarmac. I’ll see if I can photograph it early tomorrow morning before it wakes up and flies away again. :-P

forlorn birds

forlorn birds




2 responses

8 09 2008

theres 3 more in hangar 1.

1 green 1 blue and 1 orange..

if im not wrong…

9 09 2008

the last picture is a nice one …

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