Mid Autumn Festival

15 09 2008

Today is the  Mid Autumn festival which falls on the 15th day of the first Lunar month on the Chinese Calender. It also marks the end of summer. The Chinese celebrate this festival by lighting lanterns, a tradition not often seen anymore in the city I live in. It is also a time for the mooncake a traditonal chinese delicacy made of baked Lotus paste. The mooncake is one of my favourite delicacies and one of the reasons I look forward to to the Mid Autumn festival every year.

This year I treated myself to one a the best mooncakes from a renowned hotel chain. A friend of mine even managed to get a discount for a box of 6 mooncakes. They were definitely worth the price.



Yesterday on the way home from Tzy Wen’s house came by a mother and her children who were lighting up traditional lanterns and hanging them up in front of their house. After politely asking her permission to take some photographs, I managed to come  away with the following pictures.

Mother & her children

Mother & her children

I am glad to know that there are some folks who still take the effort to keep tradition alive. I shall definitely remind myself to be out on mid Autumn night next year to take more pictures of these beautiful lanterns.

Note:  This post is a day late due to my internet being down last night. Happy Mid Autumn festival everyone!




One response

16 09 2008

I also played lanterns.!

my post will be a week late. hahahaha

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