26 09 2008

My internet connection is back but not after lots of heartache and pain from TMnet and thier maintenance section. One of the drawbacks of having just ONE internet service provider for the whole country! A monopoly is never good for a customer.

My problems started about two weeks ago when I noticed my internet connection getting a bit slow. Then last week the connection was failing most fo the time. Being quite busy I tolerated this for about a week before the connection totally failed. And believe it or not that was when the problem actually started.

I called the TMnet 100 number to register the complaint and was taken through a troubleshooting procedure by the operators who treats everybody like an idiot.

“Is your modem on sir?”


“Are you sure?”


“Is the “DSL” light blinking or steady?”

“It’s blinking you idiot, that’s why I am calling you blinking idiot!”.

TMnet can sure use a Public relations lessons. Well, after determining that my problem was indeed genuine I was given a complaint number and was told that a technician will be in touch within 2 working days. “TWO working days!!!?? ”

“Yes sir, we normally prefer to torture our customers for a longer time but since this is your first complaint in the last decade we have made special concessions for you sir”

“Will there be anything else sir?”

Then while I was at work the technician from hell arrived and was let into my house by my mother. A call came from my house number and the technician informed me in a slow slurring voice that he cannot do anything unless I am at home informing hom of my exact problem! I tried to tell him over the phone but he would have none of that. “I can maaaaybe come on Saaaatuuuurday IF you promise to be at hoome sir”


“Errrr you do not know me do you sir?”

“Should I?” (I was starting to get a little worried . . .)

“Well my name is ……. and i knew you late father you know, even came for his funeral”

“Errrr is that so, err thanks” ( Now I was really worried. . . )

After hastily agreeing to meeting him on saturday he thankfully left. To make a long story short, I had to make many more calls before I finally got someone to attend to my problems. The final fix?

A failed modem which took all of 5 minutes to determine and replace!

TMnet has indeed become a monster that needs to be trimmed down to size by competition from at least 2 or more Telcos.




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