Financial Meltdown, the silver lining . . .

10 10 2008

A Nuclear Reactor Meltdown is classified as the highest level of disaster. It is virtually unstoppable. In fact the Nuclear reactor core at Chernobyl is still in meltdown mode inside it’s concrete sarcophagus.

The world financial markets this week had all it’s safety stops pull out, the equivalent of pulling out all the carbon rods in a reactor core. It would seem that we have reached a point of no return. The rescue packages announced amounting to Trillions of United States Dollars, yes Trillions, does not seem to have an affect. The Uinted States Congress approved US$700 billion, the United Kingdom government under Mr. Brown just camem up with a 400 billion Sterling Pound one to rescue it’s financial institutions. The 3 largest banks of Iceland have declared bankruptcy (ironic since the word bankrupt comes from the word Bank . . . a ruptured bank account, hence bankrupt).

it is scary but strangely it beginning to have a liberating effect on Mother Nature. Now we all know that the current trend of Global Warming and all it’s dire consequences, like rising sea levels, destruction of natural habitats, loss of polar icecaps and glacial rivers has been traced to human activity for the very first time ever. Scientist have been scrambling to find ways to reduce the effects us humans are having on the environment. But of late, the financial meltdown has caused demand for gasoline in the United States to plunge to levels not seen seen 4 or 5 years ago! Automotive sales have gone down by 40% . If allowed to follow it’s due course, just like the reactor core, the financial meltdown will only stop when it has consumed almost all financial markets. Industires will experience a drastic reduction in demand for luxury goods. And finally Nature will get a rest it deserved. Scientist might buy some time to find ways to repair the damage we have done. Clean Technology will finally catch up to the needs of both the environment and consumers.

During the Beijing Olympics ths year, the Chinese Government forced factories around the city to shutdown production and severely limited the number of cars entering Beijing. In doing so China inadvertantly set the stage for an environmental experiment of a scale never before imagined. And it worked, preliminary results showed that the clouds of pollution that hung over Beijing dissapeared for the duration of the game. The stage is now set for a similiar experiment but of Global proportions. All we have to do is to be brave enough to sit back and let the financial meltdown take it’s course. Tell me what you think.




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12 10 2008

hopefully global warming wont reach the point of no return. though we may not live to see the effects, I won’t want the future generations to curse us for not taking care of the earth properly

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