Cotton Candy Clouds

26 10 2008

It has been raining every evening in the Klang valley in the last few weeks and that has really helped the air quality. While at work last week I happened to look out behind me past the great big opening of the aircraft hangar and saw this beautiful scene. I regret not having my DSLR wih me.

Cotton Candy Clouds

Cotton Candy Clouds

This is the first time in a long time I have seen clouds forming at such a low altitude in this area. Notice the clear blue skies?  If only I had my DSLR with me and a higher vantage point. The picture above was taken by the dinky little camera which resides in my phone. Can you imagine the photograph that could have been had I my Nikon D80 with me?

Now if only we can keep the skies above the city this clear all year round . . . .




One response

27 10 2008

I curse the times I’ve lost a shot because I didn’t have my camera (Nikon D40x) with me.

I like your photos. Great perspective. Good luck.

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