Heroes III – Tony Melendez

2 11 2008

This is the third installment in my Heroes series. The first two heroes are a nameless bicycle mechanic and the late Dr. Randy Pausch.

I have often doubted my ability to achieve cetain things in life. At times this self doubt has caused me to fail  before I even started to try. Seeing this man and knowing what he has achieved despite his handicap puts me to shame for everytime I doubted myself and my ability to learn and achieve something I wanted. Maybe I was not hungry or brave enough.

Inspirational, no other word aptly describes my third Hero. I give you now Tony Melendez!

Here he is again introducing himself, his life in Nicaragua and most importantly his message to everyone of us. You’ll also be surpirsed how independent he is.

This is a man who was born with no hands and yet he BELIEVES himself to be complete in the eyes of God. This is a man who like many others, society labels as “Handicapped”. I doubt anybody can make that label stick. For I am of the opinion that label applies more aptly to  those among us who were born physically complete yet either spiritually wanting or mentally weak. Tony Melendez is a prefect example of  the saying that “If you believe, then you can achieve“.

If you liked the two videos above, there are many more on Youtube. In our lives we have often used the words, ” I cannot do this”, “it can’t be done”, “that’s just impossible for me” and many more that bristle with negativity. I hope for myself I can learn from this man and be a more positive person from now on.

Thanks to my friend, Mr. Balraj Kandasamy for telling me about this man.

Sources: Youtube




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