America Votes

4 11 2008

Today the 4th of November is polling day in all the 50 states of the United States of America. Millions of Americans have already cast their votes to choose their next President and millions more, some 160 million will cast their votes today. Who will it be? Barack Obama or John McCain?


Well, a few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a link that allowed anybody to “vote” for the next American President. The owners of the site postulated that the person chosen to be the next American President would control the world’s richest and most powerful country in the world and therefore the world’s population should be allowed to vote too! Well, I cast my “vote”  and upon checking the results then, the poll showed that Mr. Barack Obama winning by 3 to 1. Score another one to the power of the internet. Never before has it been possible to get an opinion poll from a large cross section of the world with such ease.

Listening to the radio on the way back from work today, I heard the comentator refer to the same internet poll which I took part in. It seems that Mr. Obama’s popularity amongst those who took part has increased to a whopping 5 to 1 agianst John McCain. Seems that a lot of people voted the way I did.

It was mentioned that a similiar poll was carried out among a section of the Malaysian population recently and it turns out that we would have voted Obama by a margin of 9 to 1. Well, in a couple of hours the world would know if the Americans share their views on who should be the next President of the World…. errr sorry, the United States. Anyway, God help the next president because with the current economic climate he might no longer be in control of the world’s most richest country!

For those of you interested to follow the latest results of the American Election you can go to this Political Dashboard put up by Yahoo.




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5 11 2008

my bets are on obama

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