A Change has Arrived

5 11 2008

obama-win-2-xo-spiritBy noon today on this side of the planet, the world was greeted with the news that Barack Husain Obama has won the American Presidential Election 2008. The first ever Black or coloured man to win the highest post in the country. And he won it by a landslide of 349 to 144 electoral votes with only 84% of the votes counted. Truly a change has come to the United States. Not more than 50 years ago the black people were still being persecuted in America. And it was only in 1965 with the Voting Rights Act were the black and other minority groups in the United States given “1 vote for 1 person”. And today, the 5th of November 2008, a black man stands as the next President of America.


Earlier this week, another black man, also set the sporting world ablaze by being the first black man to be crowned the Formula One World Champion. Despite (in my opinion) being constantly hounded and persecuted by the race stewards and officials, punished unfairly for what is nothing more than agressive driving (it’s not a sunday morning drive to the park guys!), Briton Lewis Hamilton won the most coveted title in the racing world by 1 point. He is also now the youngest world champion.




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