General Motors’ Scare Tactics

20 11 2008

They say a drowning man will grab hold of anything to save himself. That is why it is recommended that a lifesaver approach such a person from behind otherwise in his attempt to save themselves, grabbing on to the lifesaver will lead to drowning risk to both the rescuer and rescuee.

It would seem that American auto producer General Motors is a drowning man in the current economic tsunami which is threatening to engulf the whole world. Why do I say this? Watch the next 2 videos and decide for yourself.

And this is the scare video by GM that the guy in the above video was referring to.

Yes this is the same company that gave the world the HUmmer H1, H2 and now H3. Just see what wikipedia has to say about the fuel economy of the H2. 17 litres per 100 kilometres on the highway and 24 litres per 100 kilometres in the city. That translates to a fuel economy of between 4 to 6 km/litre! And the Ford Taurus the guy in the first video was referring to? As you can see from the link I provided the 2008 model has a 3.5 litre V6 engine that produces 263 horsepower. Consumption figures translate to 8 km/litre city driving and 12 km/litre on the highway. Earlier models were known to be much much more thirstier.
Here in Malaysia and the rest of South East Asia, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are seen as very  large sedans. But did you know that these two cars are classed as “Mid Sized” sedans in the United States? Don’t believe it? Check this article on Yahoo and read the second sentence in the fourth paragraph.

By their own admission General Motors have said that they now have enough cash reserves to operate till the end of 2008. That means that GM has just over one month before it has to file for protection under Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws. This is also probably the case with the other 2 auto giants Ford and Chrysler Motors. But far from asking or begging to be saved (a polite word for bailed out), General Motors has THREATENED the American taxpayers to save them….or else. The production of video itself is an act of desperation.

Does the America or the world need such a company or indeed such companies that produce such wasteful and polluting products especially in the light of Global Warming? My personal opinion? Well, I would think it better if the Government does not bail out The Big Three as they are often referred to. They would then have to file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 which will force them to reorganise. Maybe, just maybe they will learn a lesson from this and start producing vehicles which are more in tune with the times.




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