The Life and Times Of Grizzly Adams

24 11 2008

Back when I was ten, life was much simpler. There were no personal computers, just books, no digital cameras, just film, not many cars on the road, not many roads either, in fact the grass verge along the road to school was wider than the road itself. I used to take a school bus home until i was old enough to ask my father for permission to walk home. And why not? The roads back then were tree lined all the way back to my house! Life was indeed much simpler then. There were no internet chat, just real friends, there were no mobile phones, no sms, just real face to face conversations. And then there was Grizzly Adams. It was a show that personified the simplicity of life back then, to a young boy of ten at least. But strangely enough it still does. How I wish those days were back.

The life and Times of Grizzly Adams was a television series that told of the story of a real man called James Adams who lived in the American outback in the 1850’s. It is a story of a man who forced to leave society (as simple as it was back then) and seek refuge in the depth of the forest. With no knowledge of survival he risked his life to save an orphaned grizzly bear cub which then became hsi lifelong companion in the forest. It was said that he had gone deeper into the forests of North America than any other white men had. I remember bits of the story where he made his first campfire and nearly killed himself by setting off a bush fire. He was easily tracked by native indians in the area who deemed him harmless. Slowly he and the bear (with the help of the natives) learnt the ways of the forest. You can read more about the television series and the real story here.

The story has had such an impact on my life that almost everytime I reminisce about the days gone by, the theme song to Grizzly Adams come back to mind. Here is a sample of the song and how the main actors looked liked back in 1977.

Its nice to know that the show had a lifelong affect on others like me. The song  “Maybe” is written and sang by Thom Pace. If like me, you can’t get enough of the song, here he is singing the song in it’s entirety.

The days when life was simpler are truly gone now. The road I used to walk back on now has lost it’s grassy verge to another 2 lanes of traffic. Not many peoeple read books anymore.  And the lovely green trees that lined the roads in my town have all but gone.




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25 11 2008
Raf Uzar

Interesting stuff.

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