Tropical Island Holiday

30 11 2008

After some light pestering by a friend, I followed him on a holiday to a nearby tropical island. We left early morning friday and stayed on till noon Sunday (today).  Not exactly my idea of a tropical island paradise but it was still quite relaxing, and certainly help a few surpirses for me. At the very least it was a welcome change from the dirty city I come from. So guess where I was over the last 3 days? Here are the first few pictures. I will post more later.

Palm trees

Palm trees

Sandy beaches

Sandy beaches

Can’t guess yet? Well, I went down to Singapore. Nobody really calls it a tropical island getaway but it does qualify. It’s an island and it’s in the tropics! The pictures above were taken at a beach on Sentosa Island. Except for a huge tract of land alienated to exclusive private housing, I really liked what they have done with the island. Lots of green, lots of sandy beaches and entertainment.



Honestly Singapore seems very artificial but I love how they have managed to provide clean and efficient public facilities to a population of 3 million. Look at the toilets and showers provided at the beach on Sentosa Island. Super clean and comfortable. Even in a country with a chronic shortage of land, they have managed to provide a large waiting cum changing area. The showers and toilets are located further back in the above picture. And all this for almost free. There was a S$2 charge per personn on entry to the island itself. I guess this pays for the upkeep of all the public facilities you find on the island.

We decided to try out some of the other attractions they have on the island. On the west side of Sentosa situated on a hill is a viewing platform called the Tiger Sky Tower.


The revolves at about 1 RPM as it goes up the tower and stays up for about 5 minutes. At a height  of 131 metres above sea level, the platform is touted to be the highest viewing deck in Singapore. Here are some of the pictures I took from the tower as it spun around.


What you see in the picture above is the future casino by Resorts World. It is slated to be operational in 2010. So Gentings will still be the only corporation running legal casino’s in South East Asia. You can see the bridge allowing vehicular traffic to and from the island at the top left hand side of the picture.


This is probably the best picture i took in my time in Singapore. I guessI was lucky to have been on the viewing deck at sunset.




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2 12 2008


sentosa islanddddd/

so far… drove there?

wah damn nice damn nice! more pics more pics!

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