Proton goes back to Mitsubishi

5 12 2008

Today’s Star online (I don’t buy the hard copy anymore) headlines carries this story. I wonder why? Proton has recently developed it’s own engines, namely the 1.3 and 1.6 Campro engines which powers the New Saga and the Persona. Proton started assembling cars way back in 1984, and now boasts it’s own line of cars. Back then, Proton was also tied to Mitsubishi and all their cars and engines were in fact rebadged Mitsubishi products which of course were not Mitsubishi’s latest.

My question is, will this bring our car industry back to being  a mere receiver of “hand-me-down” technology from Big Brother? Or will Mitsubishi be sharing all their latest and best technology with us this time around? What do you think?

Is there something wrogn with the cars currently in Proton’s stable? The Saga looks decent enough but I am not sure about it’s performance and fuel consumption figures.




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