Cheap Image Stabilizer

13 12 2008

In photography, one of the greatest factors to affect image sharpness is camera shake. By rule of thumb, camera shake will affect your picture sharpness when the shutter speed falls below the reciprocal of the focal length. For example if you have set your lense’ focal length  at 80mm, camera shake will be evident when the shutter speed falls below 1/80 seconds. And since nowadays almost everyone uses a Digital SLR with a crop  factor, you’ll have to multiply the focal length by this factor. So at 80mm, the shake will start becoming evident at speed below 1/120 second. You can see how this affects  low light photography.

Most Point and shoot cameras have what is touted to be an image stabilizer but in all honesty they merely boost the ISO rating of the camera to improve low light sensitiviy of the sensor. So all you get is a sharp but grainy picture. But those of you who are lucky enough to  own the latest point and shoot cameras will enjoy true Image Stabilization (Optical Stabilization, Vibration Reduction are two other proprietary names by which this technology is referred to) in which either the sensor or one of the lense elements is vibrated at a higher frequency of normal camera shake thus vastly reducing it’s effects.  Those owning DSLR’s have the luxury of buying lenses or even camera bodies which come with a built in image stabilization system. But these come at a cost. And there are still a lot of perfectly good cameras and lenses out in use that do not have image stabilization. So how do you get around  the problem in low light situations? Bring a tripod? Yeah you can do that .  .  .  . but this guy has come up with an ingenious but simple idea. Watch and learn.

Why does it work? Well, to put it simply, it’s because the taught string acts as a damper to the vibrations you introduce to the camera. Try it and you’ll be surprised. This is really K.I.S.S. in practice.




2 responses

18 12 2008

Cool … Very creative of this guy :)

18 12 2008

love the video!

gonna try it soon..

im gonna have double super steady shot! ehhee

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