BMW E30 Restoration Project part 2

11 02 2009

After dismantling the subframe last Sunday, the project slowed down due to my commitments at work. believe me I wul drather spend time working on my car rather than at work. On Monday I had some help from Woon Hwan. Together we tried to remove the left hand trailing arm bushes. We had earlier gone to look for a bolt suitable to act as a puller but the shops nearby did not sell what we wanted. What we bought was a 6 foot long threaded rod which we cut into a suitable length. The addition of 3 nuts converted it into a puller. Two nuts would sit on each other hence acting as lock nuts while the third one was fitted to the other end completing the puller. We had some success removing one bush partially but as the rod only had fine threads on it the going was somewhat tough. It took a lot of force trying to move the bush just a few millimeters. We sort of gave up after managing to pull one of the bushes part way out. Mutalib later came by. he is the friend who sold me this car, which to his credit is in superb condition due to his care. Thanks for selling me the car dude and thanks for coming by to tell me what to do and not to do. He was kinda mad that he did not notice the faulty wheel bearings that was probably the cause of the high speed vibration he told me about. Those too will be renewed. i suspec he drove some 60 kilometres just to see his former car and ensure it will be put back on the road soon.

Earlier in the day I and a few colleagues came by to inspect the parts and managed to open up the differential to see where it was leaking. You can see above that the differential is somewhat dismantled. We found that the O-ring seal was the culprit causing the gearbox leak. This would be renewed together with it’s pair on the left side. Pictured above are the bushes that were removed from the right hand trailing arms.

boltDuring lunch hour yesterday I went out to buy a pair of bolt of different lengths hoping to convert them into suitable pullers so I may remove the rest of the bushes. Back at work I went to work adding more threads on the longer one. Unfortunately after trying to pull out the first bushing on the left hand trailing arm, the bolt sheared! I guess tapping those extra threads on the shank made it a whole lot weaker. With that I gave up on the day’s work.


Today I made a list of all the parts I would need to carry out the first part of the restoration project. yes folks, there are more projects in store to aee this E30 restored to it’s full glory. Being 23 years old with the last of the model discontinued some 17 years ago, I doubt BMW still makes replacement parts for this car. But having achieved an iconic stature in the motoring world, parts for the E30 are still readily available on the market manufactured by OEM’s. In total the parts you see above cost me RM1030. Not bad considering it would cost just as much if not more to buy replacement parts for some models of the National car!


Shortly after I arrived at the house where the project is on going, Beadon and Arnaiz made a surprise visit. I did not expect them to come today but it was great that they did. Being somewhat new to this game as Beadon aptly put it, I had not plan for any big jobs today but he sure did. He had brought along some tools to help us remove the wheel bearings that were to be replaced. Here above you can see one of the bearings after it was removed (albiet in pieces) from the right trailing arm. The piece on the right in front of it is the wheel hub (that is where you mount the wheel). The bearing’s outer race is held in by a large circlip which you can see just under the driveshaft on the far left.  it’s all there, the inner race still stuck on the stub axle, the bearings and the outer race still inthe boss of the drum brake assembly. In it’s place will be the spanking new sealed bearing you see at the bottom left hand corner.

After they left for hme I managed to continue a little bit more before locking up. It will be in the next update. Tomorrow we will borrow a puller form an engineering outfit nearby and attempt to seperate the inner and outer races from the stub axle and boss respectively. After this is done the rear subframe and trailing arms will be cleaned and sent for re painting. There are small areas which are starting to corrode so removal will be neccessary. See you all soon in the next update.




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