GM shares are worth…less

21 02 2009

General Motors or GM, once the worlds largest producers of vehicles has taken it’s second and probably final blow. In 2007, Toyota overtook GM for the number 1 spot. In that same year the Toyota Camry became the best seeling sedan in the U.S! Today or more accurately yesterday as the American trading day came to an end, shares of General Motors were traded at a 74 year low of US$1.52. That is down from a price of US$25 just a year ago. Read here what some analyst have to say about the company. GM is now a “sell” counter, meaning most analyst will advise you to sell all your stocks of GM even at this historically low price. Why? If you read carefully, one guy calle dit’s restructuring plan “worthless”.  Another said it would be better if GM were to go into bankrupcy proceedings. Translated, all this means GM shares are actuallyt worthless.  So folks, it looks like this once before giant of the industry is set to go down into history. My bet is that it will not survive 2009.




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