Anti Bird Strike System

8 03 2009

Most of you have probably heard of or are aware of the recent US Airways crash incident involving one of their Airbus A320. Flight 1549 out of La Guardia Airport in New York crashed into the Hudson River after hitting a flock of birds while climbing out after takeoff. Apart from being dangerous, bird strike events occasionally cause heavy damage to aircraft structures such as the radome and radar equipment, engine intakes and fan and various leading edge surfaces on an aircraft.

Some bird strike events have been quite strange if not dangerous or damaging. Take the one I highlighted in my blog a few months ago under the title Birdstrike! Really amazing how the eagle got caught int he leading edge flap of another A320! It looks like the A320 is turning out to be a bird magnet hahaha!

Aircraft manufacturers have for a long time been aware of the dangers of a birdstrike and poured millions of dollars into Reseach and Development to minimize the effects of a birdstrike on their aircraft. Due to the loss of their aircraft, US Airways have recently held test of their new Anti Bird Strike System shown here below.

Anti Birdstrike System

Anti Birdstrike System

A cat coming at them at  around 160 knots would put a shock on any bird flying in the vicinity hahahaha! Perhaps the company I work for will adopt this new paint scheme too! Anybody has a favourite cat to act as a model?