Sixth Sense?

6 04 2009

Maybe not but once this technology is perfected it would launch us into well and truly into the informational age. The I-Phone would be blase, something to be relegated to the history books of technology. Just imagine information literally at your fingertips but I suspect the processing and transmission speeds of most networks would be the limiting factor to such a device. I guess the idea has been mooted before seeing it being applied is really mind blowing.

Personally I am not ready for such a great leap in technology. My some of you would PREFER having your name and other personal details flashed on your Tee’s whenever someone passes by and glances at you but I for one would not. Current technology such as email and short messaging service or SMS have managed to create a generation of young people who are shying away from the spoken word. They would rather sms someone rather than call and make conversation! What would this new technology sow? As cool as it might look, I would rather have my information packaged in a small computer which I can switch off and leave at home and carry on with life sinfully feeding my other 5 senses.




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