Missing Shark’s Fin Soup

21 04 2009

Have you ever tasted Shark’s Fin soup? I have been lucky enough to have tasted the real deal when I was a teenager and in my early 20’s. My late father was a real fan of  Shark’s Fin soup. I still remember being served the delicacy where the waiter broke a fresh egg into the steaming bowl of soup. That was one of the best ones I had ever tasted. Then it became way too expensive to have the real one served to you, so most of the Shark’s Fin Soup you get  were artificial or at best had very little Shark’s Fin (and a lot of crabmeat thrown in). These days it is no more in vogue to order the soup. Some species of sharks have been hunted to near extinction in certain parts of the world merely for thier fin’s. On top of that, upon catching a shark, the fishermen remove their dorsal fins and release the shark’s back into the sea, which amounts to a slow and horrendous death for them. For you see, Shark’s cannot “breathe” if they are stationary. They need forward motion to force oxygen rich water into those famous looking gills.

sharks-gillsWith thiers fins removed,  this sleek and elegant looking creature can no more swim and merely sinks to the seabed where it slowly drowns! Yes, they actually drown for lack of oxygen rushing thru their gills. So the next time you have a craving for Shark’s Fin Soup, imagine how it would feel to die of drowning. That is why a lot of restaurant’s nowadays do not serve this delicacy anymore. But I guess there are some people who miss it so much that they would go to any lengths to get some.

Yes, I will admit the taste of Shark’s Fin Soup is very very good but I would not anymore have it, not the real stuff anyway. And tho throw such a tantrum in public for a bowl of soup? Hmmmmm.




One response

21 04 2009

I used to think that the American woman was the most evil creature on the planet. Now I know its the chinese woman. Poor bitch is probably having a mega dose of Pre menstrual wobblies.. either that or her good husband refused to give her a length of you-know-what

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