Flying with Captain Dylan Morvryn Baskaran

17 05 2009

A few months ago one of my colleagues earned himself a Private Pilots License  (PPL) which entitles him to fly any single engined fixed wing aircraft below 12000 kgs in weight. He mentioned that he had to fly as often as he can to clock flying hours so he may go on to earn himself an Air Transport Pilot’s License (ATPL). I asked him whether if it was possible that I could join him on one of his flights. So with that, I found myself waiting for him at the Old  Subang Airport. I had sometime to myself before he arrived so I wandered around the area where I had parked my car. I am quite sure i have stepped all over this area before but I could not remember what was here before. Here is how it looks like now.

Subang Terminal 1

Had it still been standing, The North wing of Terminal 1 of Subang Airport would have filled this photograph! Now, some 12 years after it was abandoned and some 10 years after being torn down, nature has once again reclained this piece of land. If I am not mistaken, the staff canteen must have sat just off to my left. IHow I wish I had taken photographs of these buildings beack then.

Dylan arrived shortly and after registering my name at the guard house, we tok a stroll to the small aircraft hangars. This is where the Subang Flying Club keeps it’s offices and aircraft. We had arrived quite early so there was hardly anyone in any of the hangars. This gave me the opportunity to nsap a few quick pictures of the aircraft that were parked there.

twin engine

BiplaneDiamondCessna 172

There were a lot more small aircraft than I used to remember back then. Lots of interesting looking aircraft. There was a yellow bi-plane.  An American registered twin engined aircraft and  a Diamond Industries DA42. That’s the cool looking twin engined high tailed  aircraft you see in the picture above. The last picture is of a Cessna 172 which belongs to the flying club. We will not be taking this one today as it is a four seater and costs more to rent.



The aircraft Dylan flew us in today was the Cessna 152 which had carried the registration number Niner Mike Bravo Echo Juliet (9M-BEJ).  This aircraft is a 2 seater but had lots of cargo space in the back. it also had an emergency locator beacon installed. Thank god we had no reason to use it today.  The cockpit layout was pretty simple but boy was it a tight squeeze. Now I know why pilots have clip boards which fasten on to thier thighs…..coz there is no space in the cockpit to even put a fixed clipboard!


Can you guess what Dylan is doing in the pictures above? It’s part of the pre flight checks that he has to do before he even accepts the aircraft. The little wooden stick ini his hands is the fuel dip stick! Literally! Her ehe is seen dipping the stick into the fuel tank to check for the physical fuel level. There is another tank inthe other wing which he checked later. In total we had enough for about 3 hours of flying time but we will only be in the air for half that time.  More updates tomorrow and more interesting pictures.




2 responses

19 05 2009


and nice pics!
it’s been quite some time since you posted pictures..

22 05 2009

Hehe that what a cool stuff.

Yeah I heard this in the office. Hehe. Nice ride than.

Wondering the photos from the sky~

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