The Flight

23 05 2009

After being bugged by my readers I finally find time to update last weeks blog. Now where was I? Dylan had meticuluously checked everything on the aircraft before we started the engine. As you’ll notice there is only one of it so we cannot really afford any trouble with it midflight! Hahahaha!

Taxi out

Here is a picture of Dylan speaking to the Ground Control for taxi clearances. Ground movement of aircraft is strictly controlled. No aircraft may cross or enter taxiways without the express permission of the air traffic controller.  Runway incursions which is defined by the Federal Aviation Administration as “Any occurrence at an aerodrome involving the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the protected area of a surface designated for the landing and take off of aircraft.” can and has caused mas fatal accidents. The following is a recreation of a recent runway incursion.

Dylan had actually  allowed me to taxi the Cessna up to the point where we we supposed to enter the runway but I did not have confidence (lost my guts)  and handed back controls to him just prior to entering the runway. Anyway I had pictures to take.


Nowadays the airport probably handles no more than 10 percent of the trafifc it used to but even then we had to wait for this ATR72 belonging to Fireflyz to land and vacate the runway. The take off run was fairly short and Dylan rotated the Cessna at about 60 knots. The stalling speed of this aricraft is about 40 knots.

RawangHere is one of the first pictures I took after takeoff. Below us is the town of Rawang. Now 60 knots is only about 110 kilometres per hour but it took us no  more than 5 minutes to reach this point. Outbound Dylan was told to watch out for incoming traffic at 3000 feet but we saw none.  Otherwise i could have posted my own video of a close call just like what this guy had done.

Our flight plan for the day was to fly North follwing the North South Expressway up to Slim River and turn West toward Kuala Selangor, then South till we hit the town of Klang and rejoin to land at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport at Subang.

Estate Houserunwayrunway_1

We did not see the aircraft that was supposed to be on the reciprocal heading but soon the tower confirmed that both aircraft had psssed each other. Dylan then took the Cessna up to 1500 feet and gave the controls to me. I have studied the theory of flight over and over again but controlling an aircraft firsthand is really different. It takes a lot of getting used to. Mainitaining our heading of 320 degrees Magnetic while having to maintain 1500 feet altitude and a speed approximately 80 knots was tough. Turn and you will lose altitude. Pull up to recover lift and you will lose airspeed.  Remember this aircraft stalls at 40 knots. Below that we fall like a rock! On one of my manouvers the speed actually fell to as low as 60 knots and scared the hell put of me but strangely enough Dylan was unperturbed. Ok back to the view.

It’s amazing what you can see from up there. There were 3 houses situated on a ridge in the middle of an estate just to the west of Slim River. You can see one of them clearly in the topmost  picture.  You can see the road that leads up to the house in the foreground. If you were to drive past this area, you would never have been aware of the existence of these house which sits far above the estate land and factory below.  I would love to be the estate manager or owner who lives in these houses.  Just a little further on we came upon a runway seemingly in the middle of nowhere. According to Dylan this runway belongs to the estate we just left behind. Situated at the other end of this runway in the clump of trees  is a sort of  “clubhouse” where you can land and have a few drinks before you take off again. if you look closely, you can see an aircraft parked under the trees nearby the “clubhouse”. I htought this was really cool.

After a while we headed on to the coast where we will come to the town of Kuala Selangor. Just before reaching Kuala Selangor we arrived overhead the town of Sekinchan. If you’ll remember I had blogged about the paddy fields here a few months ago. Now you can see that the Paddy fields are no more green.  My guess is that the harvest was just over and the replanting is about to begin soon. Who will join me to revisit this area at the end of the year?


Within 5 minutes we arrived over Kuala Selangor. This town had been my “playground when I was a little boy. My Aunt had settled down in this little town some 30 years ago when she married the town’s Penghulu and our family would often visit her and stay overnight in her kampong house. Kuala Selangor has long since changed from those days but I have never seen it from the air.

Bukit Melawati

Above is Bukit Melawati and it’s lighthouse as seen from about 1000 feet.  From up here the hill does not look very high but as you can see it is the highest point in the whole mouth of the Selangor River. Ths was why the former Sultan of Selangor built a fortress up on this hill and placed cannons facing the Straits of Malacca.

100 ft over Kuala Selangor

After receiving permission from the air traffic controller  to linger and operate below 1500 feet in the area over Kuala Selangor, Dylan took us down to 100 feet over the river!  You can see the bridge that crosses the river just ahead.




One response

23 05 2009

That were awesome view from the sky. Badly we cannot take a photo directly to the earth in a commercial airlines like the three house did. Hehe.

Highest marks I gave to the third photo, which saw the wing of the plane and the green earth?

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