Rejoining and the landing

30 05 2009

bridgeExiting the low pass over the Selangor river Dylan banked the aircraft left and then right so that we flew one more time around the town of Kuala Selangor. Here above you can see the bridge that spans over the Selangor river.  The bridge was only built in the last 20 years or so. Not so long ago the only way across the river was by using a ferry. Nowadays this bridge is part of the “new” coastal road that will link Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan to the South of Kedah.

Our flight back to the runway at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport took us over the Northern part of Klang where we turned inland. While we were approaching the town of Klang we heard the Air Traffic Controller attempting to contact another aircraft in our vicinity. By coincidence it was the other Cessna 152 belonging to the Subang Flying club, 9M-BEA. After a few unsuccesful tries the ATC contacted our aircraft and asked Dylan to try contacting 9M-BEA. We too had no luck.  Some 5 minutes later we heard the pilot of the other aircraft contact the tower and was rewarded with a stern warnign by the ATC to keep radio contact.  I had actually thought that9M-BEA had crased somewhere and was about to suggest to Dylan we go look for them! hahahaha!

I was surprised to see that Klang now has a Tesco outlet.  I think the road next to the tesco is jalan Meru which leads north out of Klang town.


Very soon we were over the city of Shah Alam and already very close to the airport. Below are the two of the most recognizable bulding in Shah Alam. the State Secretariat Building and the State Mosque.

State Secretariat BuildingShah Alam Mosque

Minutes later we were given permission to join the circuit and land at the airport. Even from 1500 feet it was quite hard to make out where the airport was. It took me a good half a minute before I recognised the runway. If you’ll look carefully, there is a rather large and  annoying speck of dust on my lens which shows up quite clearly on all the pictures I have taken on this flight. I did not really notice it until I viewed them on my computer.  I wondered how it got there because I had taken time to inspect and lcean my lense before the flight.


Now I know the reason why. The “air-conditioning” on the Cessna is provided by two vents which protrude formthe wing leading edge into the cabin. You can see one of them in the picture above. These vents channel air from a snall hole in the leading edge of the wing into a retractable tube and into the cabin. I am quite sure that the dirt on my lens came from the air rushing out from this vent as I pointed my camera forward. Also in the picture is Dylan’s video camera which he lodged between the coaming panel and the windscreen in an attempt to record the landing. On viewing the tape (yes, it’s an old model videocam which still uses tape) later we realised that the scratches on the windscreen had given the auto focus mechanism of the camera a suitable target. The result – a very blurred view of the landing! Next time we’ll have to switch off the auto focus.

Flying is an expensive hobby. The cost to rent the Cessna 152 is RM420 per hour. The flight today costed Dylan RM770. I had promised to share the cost with him which I promptly did.  But Dylan loves to fly and he has to get anough flying experience to qualify him for his ATPL. This would mean he has to fly quite often and at great cost to him. In the meantime, I can get access to flying in a small aircraft. he has promised to take me up again soon, this time in the evening so I get to see the sunset from up there.




2 responses

31 05 2009

That was very nice. The photos look like real we see from Google Earth but is 3D!, but this one real. More powerful than google.

So next trip will go until Ipoh? nor Penang? I think there is not enough fuel. Hehe

2 06 2009

wow this is fun! It’s been more than a year since I’ve been up on a Cessna.

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