True Fitness, Truly Brainless

1 06 2009

Today after work I decided to ride my bicycle around Subang Jaya and USJ. No particular route was planned but I ended up outside a local gym called True Fitness. Since I was on a drive to get myself fit again, I thought I would go inside and ask them about their membership plan.

Switch on your speakers and you can hear loud, very loud music coming from the gym. Actually it was coming from the reception area of the gym. It was so very loud that I could not have a conversation with the receptionists even when I raised my voice. What you can hear from the video was music recorded while I was a good 20 feet from and outside it’s entrance. Needless to say I walked away from the loud music and the stupidity of it all. It might call itself True Fitness but the people running it are Truly Brainless! Why would you put a disc jockey at the entrance of your establishment and blast your potential customers with loud music. So loud that he cannot even hear himself speak. I think I have been to discotheques  which were quiter!

A few minutes cycling brought me to the Subang Jaya Municipal Council Stadium. There were quite a few people making use of the field and the running track. There I found my housemate. He too was on a fitness drive . . . . of some sort . . . . I think . . . . well you decide . . . .

That . . . . was his version of running.  Usain bolt he’s not . . . maybe more of an Insane Blot. Hahahaha! Wait a minute . . . . isn’t there a load limit for the high specification track? Now we know who actually caused the damage to these tracks. Well, at least Arnaiz knows HIS True Fitness because he surely wasn’t pushing himself . . . . or anyone else. hahahaha! Ok, Ok I had better stop here before I get  (as he would put it) a “Severe Beating”.




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