How do they do it?

12 06 2009

While walking past a restaurant this evening I was stopped dead in my tracks by this sign that said . . .

Castrated chicken

Now I do not speak nor read Chinese but I am sure curious to know what the sign goes on to say. Now HOW do they do that to a chicken? And for god’s sake WHY? Does it make the meat taste any better?

And How do I verify that I got what I ordered?

Customer (to waiter): Are you sure this chicken was castrated?

Waiter: Errr I don’t know sir, we just trust the cook.

Customer: Well, I want to have a look for myself, ask the cook to show me that errrr part.

Waiter: Errr sir…. you want to see the chicken’s “that part” for yourself?

Customer: yes you heard me and bring the cook along too.




One response

14 06 2009

I wonder chicken have the part. Never see before how chickens interact with each other and also the part except hole to throw dung. Impressive2

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