Weekend BBQ

21 06 2009

A few slabs of mutton, 2 dozen chicken wings, french fries and Japanese sweet potatoes, add some friends, mix in a few drinks and what have you got? A great BBQ with lots of laughs. That’s what happened at my place last night and it was lots of fun. I did not manage to take many pictures with my camera as I was busy entertaining, after all I was the host. At the end of the day I found some pictures on my camera taken by some of my guests last night.


PreparatonWoon Hwan helped me with the shopping and  preparation. His recipe of barbeque sauce, garlic, onions, oyster sauce and brown sugar for the marinade was a huge success. But I’m afraid that pose is not Hahahaha! Trust me he was completely sober when he forced someone to take that picture.

BBQThe fire was lit on a portable barbeque pit which had seen better days. We had build the “pit” around it using some clay bricks and wire mesh.  The house which I am staying in has a great layout where the living room and garden is at the back. I fondly call it the front of the house. Anybody driving past the house will not be able to see this part of the house. Almost absolute privacy.  Here you see some of my friends sitting around the small garden waiting for the meat to cook.

After the  food and a few drinks and a short card game, I had some satisfied guests as evidenced by the following pictures.



DSC_5327 (Medium)Because of the fact that one of my invited guest did not show up, we had some food left over. It should be enough for a mini cook out next weekend! Maybe then I shall be able to take more pictures.




One response

25 06 2009

The chickens were very nice, and because of that, I think I ate the part of the guest who did’t show up and the mutton left. Hehe, and really a nice house layout for a small party to be set.

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