Michael Jackson 1958 -2009

26 06 2009


What shocking news these days. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop has died in a hospital in Los  Angeles of a suspected cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson was born Michael Joseph Jackson on August 29, 1958 and passed away yesterday June 25, 2009 at the age of  50.

The man was an icon in my late school going years. When the album Thriller (above) was released in 1982, I was in form 3. Although he has release numerous others, I will probably remember Jackson for this album alone. All the parties I went to (not many in those days) were playing songs from this album. Within a year of it’s release this album became and still remains the top selling album of all time!

The man himself became an enigma not long after. His life took very strange and morbid turns and I lost interest in his career. The world will remember him for his music and his dance steps. He took dance choreography to new heights. He practically invented and perfected the “moonwalk”.

All of today over the radio and television networks, the world was awash with news of his death. Radio stations were playing his music almost nonstop, just like they were back in the early 80’s!

His later life was filled with controversial stories and accusations,  sexual scandals to rumours of horrible physical deformity due to excessive plastic surgeries. He spent the last few years of his life in a middle eastern country returning to the United states only recently to prepare for a 50 concert tour which now will never happen. It was also rumoured that he had embraced the religion of Islam (as did his brother Jermaine) and took on the name Mikaeel Jibril.  I suspect the fame he sought for. . . . .  and received did not bring him happiness. Rest in Peace Michael, for I guess you never did in this life. Here now is the Title Track to the the best selling album of all time.




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