Another Barbeque

28 06 2009

As planned we had another BBQ yesterday. With some mutton and a bag of french fries left over from last weekend,  some fresh chicken and sausages Woon Hwan and I managed to deliver another successful mini BBQ. Even when Tzy Wen confirmed that Tzy Shih would be joining us as a last minute guest, we managed to pull through with enough food for everyone. Most of the credit must go to Woon Hwan this time around. By the time we were ready to start the fire I was so hungry that I complained of it, which is unusual. Then I realised that I had only eaten 2 pieces of pastry since having my lunch on Friday! Thankfully Mark had started to cook the french fries while we were waiting for the charcoal to light. I raided the first batch of fries before the could be brought out the BBQ. Sorry guys!

BBQSince it was planned as a mini BBQ, we sort of underestimated the amount of charcoal we would need to cook everything. The first to hit the flames were the chicken and sausages. They cooked in almost no time at all. But then when it was time to cook the Pièce de résistance . . . .


the charcoal fire died!

It took Shih, Tzy Wen and I a good 20 minutes to restart the BBQ using  whatever little charcoal and our cock brand fire starter (honestly, the brand is called Cock!) we had leftover.

cock brand

In the end the fire was just big enough to cook all of the mutton and sausages so  everyone could have their fill. The only disappointment was the Japanese sweet potatoes that Tan bought at a nearby supermarket.

Everyone chipped in . . . . wait a minute . . . what did Alvin do for the BBQ? Oh, I remember, he DID clean the sweet potatoes and wrap them in aluminum foil. Bravo Alvin.




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