United breaks Guitars

28 07 2009

Yup, another song. This one is different and  really proves the power of the internet. Over a year ago in the spring of 2008  Dave Carroll and his brother Don, flew United Airlines from Nova Scotia to Nebraska. The brothers are part of a band which call themselves “Sons of Maxwell”. While on transit in O’hare Airport in  Chicago (United’s main hub) , the brothers witnessed dave’s US$3500 guitar being handled roughly by United’s ground handling agents. As a result the guitar was broken.

Dave tried to get United to reimburse him for the cost of the guitar but the airline refused to accept any blame nor pay him for the damage. Bad idea! Dave Carroll wrote this song for United. Within days United Airlines shares fell by 10%! That’s over US$100 million. And now the airline suddenly wants to talk peace. Here’s the song.

I wish I could write a song and post it on the internet everytime I get angry at someone. Ohh for your information Dave Carroll promised United he would write not one, but THREE songs in their honour! hahaha! I’ll bet they cannot wait for the next two installments. I wonder how much more their shares are going to plunge?

Update: Apparently song number two has already been written! And Dave Carroll makes a public statement about his experience with United.


If tomorrow was too late…

23 07 2009

I am not much of a fan of new bands and songs but this new song by a new band really blew my mind. It’s been awhile since I heard words that were so meaningful put to music. Listen to them carefully. . . (you’ll need to wait for 30 seconds before the song actually starts)

I really liked the opening verse

My friend gave me the best advice

He said each day is a gift and not a given right

Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind

And try to take the path less traveled by

That the first step you take is the longest stride

And of course the Chorus . . .

Nickelback, I shall be listening out for more of their songs.

The Owl

22 07 2009

It was just past 5 p.m and I had just arrived home and ready for a shower. Suddenly my housemate called me from his newly renovated house and with a rather excited voice said “Dude, there’s an owl at the back of my house!!!”. I was about to laugh when he said, “Nobody is goign to believe me. Can you come here with your camera now?”.  After a second of deliberation I said “Ok, but give me about 10 minutes”.

I can understand his excitement. Owl’s are famous for their nocturnal habits. It’s not only 5 p.m in the evening but this is Subang Jaya, one of the most populous and modern suburbs in Malaysia! I got dressed and grabbed my camera bag hoping that my batteries have some charge.  I underestimated my house mate’s excitement because I opened my door to the3 sound of screeching tyres. He had left his house and rushed to fetch me in his car.

Reaching his house we crept very quietly to the back of his house where there is a lime tree growing. Lo and behold there was a full sized owl perched on it!


The owl had hidden itself quite well on the tree and we did not want  to open a door or window for fear of scaring it away. So I started clicking away from behind the glass. At first the owl was facing away form me but slowly it turned and i was able to take the picture above. Not satisfied, I took the chance of opening a window and poking my head out to get a better view. That was when it spotted me . . . .


And I was able to snap this picture. But before I could position myself for a better shot our visitor flew away with a screech not unlike the one my housemate gave over the phone earlier.

Apple vs Blackberry

18 07 2009

It’s a pity we never get to see these kind of advertisements here in Malaysia. In the war between these two giants, Blackberry threw the first punch which I think was well below the belt.

Then Apple quickly retaliated with it’s own ad.

Hahahaha! These advertisements were really simple but yet packed quite a punch. I really wonder why our Malaysian advertising firms do not come out with more imaginative advertisements? Could it be the myriad of rules and regulations imposed by the Kementerian Penerangan, Komunikasi and Kebudayaan Malaysia?

I have seen some Thai advertisement which were many times better than the ones we get to see on Malaysian television be it terresterial or cable.

Peel a banana the correct way.

17 07 2009

It’s amazing how we humans try to “improve” on things but end up making a mess of everything. We think we know how to do things the right way. Take peeling a banana for instance. How many of us peel a banana from the stem? I admit that I have always done it this way and sometimes struggled with it! Just imagine a grown man struggling to peel a banana! hahahaha! Well, watch the following video and see how it’s doen the right way . . . . the way a monkey does it.

No more struggling with a banana from now on.

Now let’s ask the animals  how they can help us humans repair this planet. After all it was us who single handedly screwed it up.