The Owl

22 07 2009

It was just past 5 p.m and I had just arrived home and ready for a shower. Suddenly my housemate called me from his newly renovated house and with a rather excited voice said “Dude, there’s an owl at the back of my house!!!”. I was about to laugh when he said, “Nobody is goign to believe me. Can you come here with your camera now?”.  After a second of deliberation I said “Ok, but give me about 10 minutes”.

I can understand his excitement. Owl’s are famous for their nocturnal habits. It’s not only 5 p.m in the evening but this is Subang Jaya, one of the most populous and modern suburbs in Malaysia! I got dressed and grabbed my camera bag hoping that my batteries have some charge.  I underestimated my house mate’s excitement because I opened my door to the3 sound of screeching tyres. He had left his house and rushed to fetch me in his car.

Reaching his house we crept very quietly to the back of his house where there is a lime tree growing. Lo and behold there was a full sized owl perched on it!


The owl had hidden itself quite well on the tree and we did not want  to open a door or window for fear of scaring it away. So I started clicking away from behind the glass. At first the owl was facing away form me but slowly it turned and i was able to take the picture above. Not satisfied, I took the chance of opening a window and poking my head out to get a better view. That was when it spotted me . . . .


And I was able to snap this picture. But before I could position myself for a better shot our visitor flew away with a screech not unlike the one my housemate gave over the phone earlier.




2 responses

22 07 2009

awesome photos , you have done a nice job , i like it, keep it up .

30 07 2009

Haha didt saw before the real owl yet. Somehow in the busy city and town like this still have owls around that is weird. But that look nice. hehe

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