United breaks Guitars

28 07 2009

Yup, another song. This one is different and  really proves the power of the internet. Over a year ago in the spring of 2008  Dave Carroll and his brother Don, flew United Airlines from Nova Scotia to Nebraska. The brothers are part of a band which call themselves “Sons of Maxwell”. While on transit in O’hare Airport in  Chicago (United’s main hub) , the brothers witnessed dave’s US$3500 guitar being handled roughly by United’s ground handling agents. As a result the guitar was broken.

Dave tried to get United to reimburse him for the cost of the guitar but the airline refused to accept any blame nor pay him for the damage. Bad idea! Dave Carroll wrote this song for United. Within days United Airlines shares fell by 10%! That’s over US$100 million. And now the airline suddenly wants to talk peace. Here’s the song.

I wish I could write a song and post it on the internet everytime I get angry at someone. Ohh for your information Dave Carroll promised United he would write not one, but THREE songs in their honour! hahaha! I’ll bet they cannot wait for the next two installments. I wonder how much more their shares are going to plunge?

Update: Apparently song number two has already been written! And Dave Carroll makes a public statement about his experience with United.




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