Blue Skies are back

27 08 2009

For nearly a month of the West coast States of Malaysia were covered in haze brought on by smoke from Sumatran fires set off by farmers and plantations who illegally practice slash and burn farming techniques. Thankfully the current spell of hot days coupled with heavy afternoon rains have brought back clear blue skies over the place where I work.Blue Sky

Again I wished I had brought along my SLR but this time it wasn’t really possible (thought not impossible) as the company I work for has banned the use of cameras on it’s premises. A policy which it cannot possibly enforce with any conviction nor success as so most mobile phones now come with some sort of photographic capabilities. The pictue above was taken using the camera on my mobile phone (again).


The Eggcident

12 08 2009

Earlier today, on the way to the AAM to buy some insurance for my car I was caught in a massive traffic jam. Normally the road leading toward USJ does not clog up until much later in the evening. There must have been something out of the usual that caused this jam.  Half an hour later I came across this Eggcident . . .

Egg-cident 2Egg-cident 4

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again!

What a waste! All those eggs would have made a great huge omelette. According to the driver he had to swerve to avoid a car which came out from a side road.  I am gueesing that the truck driver was also speeding. The section of the road leading to this spot has a rather steep downhill  gradient and a slight right handed bend.

Egg-cident 3

That him there in the red t-shirt. With  a crane from a tow truck attached he and his rescuers tried to get the truck upright but to no avail.  Apparently the weight of the remaining eggs inside the truck was too heavy! I tried to help by pointing out that they should try to attach the chian higher up on the overturned truck but they siad it would rip the top off the truck’s chassis. Seeinghta I could not help any further I left the scene.

The last few days has taught me a valuable lesson . . . never leave home without a decent camera! If only I had my DSLR with me today.  Little did I know what was in store for me further up along the road.

Accident 1

Hardly 3 minutes later I came across another accident! What a day. Lucky for me I had completed my business with AAM and was on the way home. (I took the pictures of the eggcident on the way back from the AAM). If you look at the road on the hill in the back ground and to the left of the picture, you will see that the traffic had built up all the way back into Subang Jaya from the earlier Eggcident.  As for me, I just came out of that tunnel you see in the middle of the picture at my normal “lovely cambered corner, empty road ahead” speed when that guy you see in the picture waved me off. I managed to slow down and avoid being a casualty myself. Hahaha!

I told myself I must get down and get a picture of this.  So again I found a place to park and set off with my phone camera.

Accident 2

I figured out quite easily who the driver was. You can see him in the picture above standing in front of the car.  This time I did not approach and make conversation. But looking at the crash I am guessing he entered the corner at too high a speed and slammed his brakes. That was when he and his car did a stunt called “Attempting to gift wrap a  lamp post while moving in a rearword direction”.

Another lesson learned, the next time I come around this corner, make sure I have slightly deflated tyres to give the car more traction.  Hahahaha! Just joking guys.

20th Anniversary

10 08 2009

Last Saturday I attended a lunch with about 18 of my colleagues to celebrate 20 years of joining the training scheme which would see us become engineers 3 and a half years later. That was 3rd July 1989.  20 years have passed by so quickly.

Group Photo

Group Photo

That’s us. Some came back from as far a Abu Dhabi and Singapore to celebrate this event. Bong Choon Ping made a day trip flying from Kota Kinabalu and back over a period of 12 hours. Holding the cake is Ronald Eward Whiting (everyone calls him Ron) who was our instructor for the whole duration of our training while in Malaysia. We owe a lot to this man for passing on his knowledge ungrudgingly. To him teaching was not only a vocation but a passion.

Cycling again

8 08 2009

Woke up early this morning, very early….I was up by 5.15 a.m. But it was for a good reason. For the fifth or sixth time in the last 2 weeks I found myself on a bicycle again. This morning I will be meeting up with Tzy Wen for the second saturday in a row. He plans to cycle from his house to the Central Post Office in Shah Alam where he has a parcel waiting to be collected. I packed both my road and a friend’s mountain bike (shod with road tyres) into my car and was on the way to Tzy Wen’s house by 6 a.m

Arriving at his house in Subang Murni, I proceeded to reassemble the bicycles and waited for him to come down. Starting off at about 6.30  our slow ride to Shah Alam took us about 50 minutes, 38 minutes of riding time and 10 minutes stopped. We did not proceed directly to the Post Office as it only opens at 8.30 a.m. Instead we stopped at a restaurant near the Shah Alam Stadium to have some breakfast.At the post office

After breakfast a short ride brought us to the Shah Alam Central Post Office. Here is Tzy Wen getting ready to pick up his parcel. Apparently, you have to “go thru the window” to get your parcels. Wow, I  heard of government servants making it tough for the normal citizen to get decent service but to make you climb thru a window just to get what’s yours? hahaha! Well, that was what Tzy Wen told me anyway.  He must have succeeded since a few minutes later he was out with the parcel in hand. I guess some people will do anything just to get what is theirs!

As we had a little bit of time on our hands we decided to visit the Shah Alam Mosque. I think it’s Tzy Wen’s first time here as he was quite impressed with the building. He took some photos using his F65 film camera. At this point I realised that I did nt insert the memory card into my camera and was using it’s built in memory which did not allow me to take many photos.  Ahh well, luckily I only wanted a few pictures to document our ride today.

SShah Alam MosqueRiding homeSoon we were on our way home. I had to be back by 10 a.m, so our ride back was a little faster then our ride out but still quite leisurely.  We made it back on time and found Woon Hwan awake but still in his pyjamas working on his new model aircraft. Our ride this morning covered a distance of about 39 kilometres which we did in about 2 hours. Not too bad for a leisurely ride.

Fasten your seatbelts

5 08 2009

This evening I decided to go for another jog around Subang Ria Park. This is the second time in a week that I ran around this lake. Last Saturday I managed 7 slow circuits around the lake. By following first a lone jogger and later a small group I managed to run 4 laps and walk 2. This is surely a big improvement. I even got invited to run with the group that I followed.

On the way back form the park I passed by an accident along jalan Jengka in Subang Jaya. As usual there were many people milling about but doing nothing. I turned into the inner road and stopped my car not far from the accident. I happen to have a camera with me so I decided to take some pictures.

P8050049At first I thought the vehicle had smashed into the wall from jalan Jengka which is the lower road but apparently not. Look at the tree in the background. I then realised this MPV was first “introduced” to that tree before it ended up in this position. Here’s a close up of the two sides that met each other.


The tree had just lost it’s bark but it had managed to bend the chassis of the MPV and leave an imprint of itself on the bonnet. But here is where I realised that the tree had probably saved the occupants of the vehicle! Since the vehicle had come from the elevated road, had it not hit the tree first, it would have continued over the embankment, pitch down and either hit another tree (where the boy with the bicycle is standing) head on or worse still end up on the busy Jalan Jengka onto oncoming traffic. Would you make the same assessment? That the tree actually saved them?

I then looked around for the driver of the vehicle. With luck the first person I approached happened to be the person behind the wheel. She said she tried to avoid someone, panicked and before she realised it she ended up here. I had noticed blood on the passenger door and asked if anyone was hurt and if i could send them to get medical attention. She said there was a child in the front passenger seat who suffered a cut on his forehead but he had already been sent to a nearby clinic. I asked if she needed any assistance but she said her neighbour and friends were already at the scene.

As a testimony to technological advancement in vehicular occupant safety, both the occupants of this car managed to walk away from this nasty accident with minor or no injury at all. All thanks to the three point seat harness (more popularly called the seat belt) and and newer invention called the airbag.

P8050050However I suspect the child who was on the front passenger seat did not have his seat belt fastened. Firstly there was blood on the airbag, which meant he had probably been thrown forward and hit something. Then there was the  seat belt. It was still in the stowed position. If he had been wearing it, the belt’s inertia reel would have activated and locked the belt. You can see that the driver’s side seat belt had not retracted from it’s last position (after the reel had locked) and as a result it was caught in the door as the driver exited the vehicle.

It really pays to fasten your seatbelt even if it is for a very short journey. We should not wear the seatbelt out of fear of the law but out of respect for the unknown.  This driver had just left her house which is less then 2 minutes drive away before she met with an accident. It is said that most accidents happen inthe first and last 10 percent of the journey. So wear your seatbelt, it may really save your life one day.